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Pat Mathews mathews55 at msn.com
Mon Sep 12 19:42:37 BST 2011

Well... all of those things you cite come from deeply religious traditions, too. 
Babylon and ancient Rome were not primarily inhabited by atheists: indeed, I suspect
atheists were quite rare within those populations, and that Rome had many more 
devoutly religious people than modern Sweden does. I'm not a Classicist, but 
superficial reading has given me the impression that Romans believed that 
in order to be a person of good ethical standing - a virtuous man or woman 
- you should give the gods their due and worship them faithfully. That was quite true. It was a matter of practice rather than doctrine, and at times was closer to
our saluting the flag than it was to what we'd call a worship service, but, yes. 

That's why they were so upset with monotheists who would not do the right thing - and, BTW, 
referred to them as "atheists." They were seen as a danger to the safety of the City. If the ancestral
gods weren't happy, nobody's happy.



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