[LMB] OT: All discussions re religion vs. atheism

Stephen T. Wright NCC1701 at uwyo.edu
Tue Sep 13 00:12:59 BST 2011

I really don't know if I should be responding to this thread since pizza has been called (multiple times) but...

Agnosticism is not a politically made-up word designed to not offend.  According to the OED, the etymology is Greek from "unknown."

English usage (same source) back to at least 1870.

I haven't met any adults (with the possible exclusion of professional Santas, whom I didn't think to ask about their Santa beliefs) who are agnostic about Santa Claus, but...well, just because I haven't met any of them doesn't mean they don't exist.


Stephen Wright

Howard Brazee wrote:

That is a political word designed to not offend people.

One can be "agnostic" about alien species.
But can an adult be "agnostic" about Santa Claus?

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