[LMB] Effects of "Global Warming"

Greg Hennessy greg.hennessy at cox.net
Tue Sep 13 00:52:10 BST 2011

> If the average increase in temperature is one degree Celsius,
> toward the high end by the latest estimates,

I don't know where this number comes from, but Hansen's 1988 prediction
"Scenario B" was for approximately 2.6 C/century. The HADCRUT data
since 1988 show about a 1.9C/century increase. I do not think it is accurate
to say that one degree Celsius is on the high end of lastest estimates, unless
you are talking about a significantly shorter period than a century.

> The outside high water level increase is predicted to be less than half a
> meter, despite the movies insistence that it will be two orders of magnitude
> greater.

The current sea level rate is about 3 mm/year, and the rate will increase if
current warming trends continue.

> Who said that the optimum global temperature was in 1850 and not during the
> Roman or Medieval warm periods, both warmer than now?

I don't agree that the Midieval warm period was warmer than now. If you want to
say it was as warm as it was in 1900, I'd not argue, but that's a different

Given how much of the science is done by Michael Mann, and how he is
dismissed out of hand by many skeptics, I'll give a reference not
involving Mann.


> The problems I have with "Global Warming" / "Climate Change" is not with
> science, it is with the political and economic actions that are hung on the
> science.

The science tell us there is a problem. What do to about the problem is politics, and
with USA politics being banned from the list, I'll not discuss any of the solutions.

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