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But this quality often has little to do with how... I'll say how much damage
they do. How much suffering they cause. You don't get people saying they
like and admire Tien. Did he cause one tenth, one hundredth, even one
thousandth the utterly needless human suffering Ezar did? No.

But big crimes are -romantic-, somehow.


NEW from JRJ>"Utterly needless" - - well.    "If this goes on..." is a quote
that arises, evoked by that phrase.  What was going on was a downward spiral
to Mad Yuri's reign.  Again.  Al...most inevitably.  How many times does
something like that need to be revisited?

Has anybody written a fanfic about how ELSE that same set of circumstances
might have been mitigated?  Given the hand that Ezar was dealt, how might a
different person have successfully set Barrayar on a reasonably hopeful path
to a sustainable, secure and benign empire that "gets most of the work of
government done most of the time."

I don't have time for ordinary fanfic, but that I'd read.  Even better,
let's discuss this onlist.

Entwife Judy
The Skiffy Minded

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