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Actually, we live in Klamath Falls on a short street (about two or three 
blocks long) and has a lot of street sports when we have little kids in 
residence (lots of rental places here). Hopscotch, little bike ramps, and so 
on. I have, on several occasions, told small children I don't even know to 
go stand on a lawn while I am driving by. And there are always walkers up 
and down Summers Lane, which has very good sidewalks on both sides (and the 
occasional glimpse of wildlife in this one ditch along the way--no fooling, 
saw a crane there once).  Our kids traveled on bikes on their own (though 
Cathy tended to travel in a pack in the summer, which were fed lunch at 
whatever house they were at. Learned later on that one neighbor's house was 
picked because the mom there let them have potato chips. Also found out 
later that Cathy visited over there because she and her friend could 
sneak-watch R rated horror movies on one of the TVs there, but oh well, she 
survived that, too).

But K. Falls is a fairly small town (40,000) and quite rural on outlook. 
Even so, we have the helicopter parents (Mike had one student whose mom was 
a Warthog parent). But one of the major disappointments of the kids around 
here was when they paved a road commonly used for riding over fast because 
it had cool bumps. In 1994, the kids successfully kept a huge lump of snow 
alive till nearly June (cold water and cool temperatures at night. Granted, 
we had around a hundred inches of snow that winter, so it was a pretty big 
lump, put together with a backhoe by the guy who owned the pasture).

Jean Lamb
tlambs1138 at charter.net
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