[LMB] OT: Effects of "Global Warming"

Elizabeth Holden azurite at rogers.com
Tue Sep 13 05:09:02 BST 2011

--- On Mon, 9/12/11, Mitch Miller <mitchmiller at entertainmenttax.com> wrote:

> How do we know the climate of 1900 is the best of all
> possible worlds?

Why would you think it was?
> Why or from what source do you derive that we have a right
> to be free from climate change?

We don't, obviously.  But we can only survive if the planet can support our life.
> What do we do if we've prepared for global warming, but, as
> some scientists believe, global
> warming causes a new Ice Age?

It doesn't matter if it gets too cold for life, or too hot.  If that happens, we're gone.


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