[LMB] Effects of "Global Warming"

William A Wenrich wawenri at msn.com
Tue Sep 13 05:29:34 BST 2011

Damien wrote:

How about tobacco causing cancer?  Has that been proven for you yet?


Coincidentally, it's largely the same people and tactics at work.


But you're a layman, yes?  So any "proof" actually consists of which set

of alleged experts to believe.  And as long as there's some apparent

expert who gives you cover for not believing the scientific consensus,

you'll continue to not believe.


Or maybe you have some reason for not believing that CO2 is a greenhouse

gas, and one vital for keeping the world non-frozen?  Or not believing

that we have increased its concentration by at least a third over the

past century?




No, we're pretty sure.  


Let me take those points one at a time.

Smoking tobacco causes cancer. Chewing tobacco causes cancer. Someone
smoking tobacco across the room or down the street (i.e. second hand smoke),
I'm not as sure, especially after the studies seemed to show that it was
more dangerous to be in the same room as a smoker than to smoke yourself.
The poison is in the dose. That is not to say that enjoy sharing a room, a
car, or an elevator with a smoker, but that is more esthetics than fear of
getting cancer. I have never worked for a tobacco company and I do resent
the implication that anyone who is not sold on global warming is a stooge
for evil.


I am a layman in regards to climatology. I am not concerning mathematical
models or the scientific method. Mathematical models that cannot predict the
past (cannot return the data that was observed when fed the then occurring
inputs) are not authoritative in predicting the future. When the model says
that a significant increase in CO2 will result in a significant increase in
temperature and that doesn't happen, there is something wrong with the
model. All theories must be falsifiable. If not, you are talking faith and
not science. The latest pronouncements are that if storms are bigger, it's
global warming. Or if they are smaller. If it's hotter or cooler, or wetter
or dryer, all global warming. Battling exerts is also not science.


Yes. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, a minor one compared to water vapor, and
greenhouse gasses are needed to prevent snowball Earth. That doesn't begin
to say that greenhouse gasses are the only controlling factor of the Earth's
temperature. If they were, the first time we had a few extra volcanos, Earth
would be like Venus.


William A Wenrich

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