[LMB] Effects of "Global Warming"

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The differences include the questions, "how -fast- is the climate changing, 
and how great is the disruption, and how dire are the consequences?" 
Climate change that is relatively slow, allows migrations to occur without 
sudden massive disruptions and warfare and bloodshed etc.    It's not clear 
what set off the devastasting incursions/invasions of what apparently were 
Greeks along the coast of the Mediterranean from Anatolia south and west 
clear across  the land bridge from Asia to along the coast of north Africa, 
but it devastated those civilizations, and included the incursion of the 
Pelesi (Philistines) and such, as a giant international crisis....

The eruption of Thera literally sank most of the civilization there, and 
wreaked havoc over what there was of civilization in the rest of the world.

Climate change over longer periods of time caused mass migrations of people 
from places where rivers dried up or dry land went underwater (the filling 
up of the Black Sea when the Mediterranean broke through, or perhaps the 
filling up of the Mediterranean when the Atlantic broke through) or harbors 
silted up, or desertification happened, or what had been desert started 
getting rain, or glaciers retreated--or started growing--at rates which were 
less lethal trying for mass evacuation over the course of a few short 
years--generations, rather than less than a generation.

Just what -was- the situation on Earth in which book was it, which had Miles 
and Mark on Earth?  The water level on the planet was higher than it is 
today....  but the book had only a small part of the planet as scenery. 
But the water level was -up-....

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Question: When wasn't the climate changing? 

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