[LMB] Effects of "Global Warming"

A. Marina Fournier saffronrose at me.com
Tue Sep 13 07:12:27 BST 2011

On Sep 12, 2011, at 4:20 PM, JenL wrote:
> Okay, let's oversimplify and say there are two causes of the current global
> climate change - human activity and ... the sun entering a warmer phase.
> Let's say, just for argument, that there's simply no way to know how much
> of that climate change is a result of human action.  Let's say we can't know
> *exactly* how much damage the climate change will cause, but we know it will
> cause damage.

That's about what I'm thinking. The warmer and colder phases were going on long before we arrived. 

> In that scenario, having no idea how much of the cause is human - Shouldn't
> we still be trying to prevent the damage?  Even if the cause is the sun,
> which we can't affect, shouldn't we be trying to find *anything* we can to
> reduce the damage we do, maybe find ways to counter the effect the sun is
> having?

Well, a certain US Senator seems to believe that since CO2 is "natural", it can't hurt us. So this Senator thinks we shouldn't be doing anything to change CO2 levels, or worry about any damage it might do, because it's "natural, and can't hurt us". Loonytunes!

> But I deeply wish folks would stop arguing over
> whether it's human-caused and start talking about what can really be done
> about it, at what cost, at what risk, with what likely effects...

I'm with you there.

A. Marina Fournier
SaffronRose at me.com
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