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> On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 05:25:42PM -0700, Judy R. Johnson wrote:
>> Has anybody written a fanfic about how ELSE that same set of circumstances
>> might have been mitigated?  Given the hand that Ezar was dealt, how might a
>> different person have successfully set Barrayar on a reasonably hopeful path
>> to a sustainable, secure and benign empire that "gets most of the work of
>> government done most of the time."
> 1) Kill Serg and hope.
> 2) Kill Serg and the whole War Party.

3) Don't go extra fascist after Yuri's reign in the first place...
(this goes back to 'dealing your own hand'). He chose his path - it
wasn't sustainable, secure, and benign. His aim was to give his
grandson all the power he had, without any evidence of Gregor's adult

> These have their risks.  However, I am not sure those risks would appear
> higher to a sane person than "start a Rube Goldberg war with the intent
> of killing Serg and discrediting the war party despite all the ways this
> could go wrong."
> Parallel fanfic: list all the ways Ezar's plan could have gone wrong.
> Negri's intelligence was faulty.  The Betans don't step in, or do so too
> slowly, or get shot down en route.  Serg doesn't go into the front, or
> does but escapes.  Serg orders Aral to the front.   Serg or someone
> thinks of a surprising way to defeat the plasma mirrors, or to force
> Esocbaran surrender despite them.

Or the Barrayarans manage to -seize- the plasma mirrors. Someone
actually properly interrogates Cordelia. Aral isn't stopped on his
rampage. Aral is discovered shielding Bothari. The Escobarans lean on
their advantage and chase the Barrayarans back past Komarr. Grishnov
cottons on to his planned assassination and strikes first and
decisively... the list really goes on. As I've mentioned before, I am
not fully convinced of Ezar's brilliance.


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