[LMB] Bringing it back to LMB [Was:OT: verging on forbidden territory: political]

mtraber251 mtraber251 at earthlink.net
Tue Sep 13 09:42:17 BST 2011

On 9/11/2011 4:54 AM, Mitch Miller wrote:
> If I were an atheist, why on earth would I care about the
> environment or anything else but my own aggrandisement and pleasure?
> Mitch Miller
> --
Because your descendants are going to be living on the planet and 
[theoretically] you love your family and want to see it comfortable.

And as an heretic agnostic, I don't see whether or not there is an 
afterlife influencing my actions. My care for my fellow man and concern 
for the future lives following after me [even though I am childless] 
makes me concerned about the environment. Not so much for species dying 
out, though I understand that the plant and animal kingdoms are 
interconnected in ways *I* do not understand sometimes, "Mother Nature" 
is harsh and species will die out naturally in addition to human 
influence. Millions of species have risen and died out irregardless of 
man's activities. I would personally prefer to not let the Japanese hunt 
out the diverse cetacians, and the US to not fish out the cod banks and 
poison the shellfish, but that is for selfish reasons. [Whales are just 
damned spiffy, I like to eat cod & would like to continue to do so and 
we shouldn't be poisoning the ocean, we only have 1 planet currently.] A 
diety or lack thereof has nothing to do with my feelings in the matter.

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