[LMB] Ezar (no talk about religion here, honest)

Elin B elbju at yahoo.se
Tue Sep 13 10:46:49 BST 2011

Karen Hunt wrote:
> >
KH> > I don't much care for his methods:  Hey, let's
KH> sic a bloodthirsty
KH> > military on an unsuspecting other planet that didn't
KH> ever do anything
KH> > to harm us!  And then let's sic a mob of peasants
KH> on the Ministry of
KH> > Information and get a bunch of them killed, too!

mtraber replied:
> >
MT> Komarr let the Cetagandas in to spend 20 years in a
MT> reconaissance in 
MT> force... so it isn't an innocent unsuspecting planet.
MT> Unless you are 
MT> referring to Sergar?

I believe that Karen is referring to Escobar.

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