[LMB] Effects of "Global Warming"

Greg Hennessy greg.hennessy at cox.net
Tue Sep 13 12:03:02 BST 2011

> I have never worked for a tobacco company and I do resent
> the implication that anyone who is not sold on global warming is a stooge
> for evil.

No one is saying everyone not sold on global warming is a stooge
for evil. People *are* saying that some of the same people who
claimed smoking doesn't cause cancer now claim that global warming
is a fraud. Fred Singer is one of those.

Those pointing out Fred Singer has little credibility often find
themselves accused of making ad hominem arguments, many times by
people who can't spell ad hominem.

> I am not concerning mathematical
> models or the scientific method. Mathematical models that cannot predict the
> past (cannot return the data that was observed when fed the then occurring
> inputs) are not authoritative in predicting the future. When the model says
> that a significant increase in CO2 will result in a significant increase in
> temperature and that doesn't happen, there is something wrong with the
> model.

Are you trying to imply that climate models fit your description above? If
you are "not a novice with respenct to mathematical models" are you aware that
all models are wrong, and some models are useful?

> Yes. CO2 is a greenhouse gas, a minor one compared to water vapor, and
> greenhouse gasses are needed to prevent snowball Earth.

Water vapor is thought to be responsible for about half the greenouse
effect on earth, CO2 about 20%. What point do you wish to convey
when you say that CO2 is a "minor" greenhouse gas compared to H20?
Are you trying to imply that it is minor enough not to change things?

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