[LMB] Effects of "Global Warming"

Paula Lieberman paal at gis.net
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I read something failry recently which claimed that the minor Ice Age in the 
6th century was due to human activity--the massive die-off of residents in 
the Americas causing a changing in the climate, with trees growing up where 
the residents had previously previously farmed, or done burnings that kept 
land as grasslands full of migratory grass-eating herd animals.  Growth of 
the trees and the reduction in fires for cooking, for warmth, and for 
agriculture, pulled carbon out of the atmosphere and kept it out, and cooled 
down the atmosphere.... the influx of humans from the eastern hemisphere and 
the repopulation and population regrown in the Americas, exacerbated with 
the industrial revolution, cut down forests to use as fuel to burn and for 
agricultural purposes, and burned wood and then wood and coal, upping the 
C02 and NOx content of the atmosphere, and heating it back up again, and 
heating it up further.

Hmm, I wonder, how have the climates of Escobar, and Barrayar, and Sergyar, 
been changed/changing??

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On Sep 12, 2011, at 4:52 PM, Greg Hennessy wrote:
>> Who said that the optimum global temperature was in 1850 and not during 
>> the
>> Roman or Medieval warm periods, both warmer than now?
> I don't agree that the Midieval warm period was warmer than now. If you 
> want to
> say it was as warm as it was in 1900, I'd not argue, but that's a 
> different
> point.

Please remember that (in at least the North Atlantic area) there was a minor 
Ice Age (so I've read) in the 16th C. Note how heavily everyone seems to be 
dressed, compared to the 14th & 15th, and then the 19th centuries.

As to the Roman warm period, how warm or cold were the lands north of the 
Alps at that time?

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