[LMB] Effects of "Global Warming"

Rachel anglerfish at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 15:07:45 BST 2011

Paula wrote: "Hmm, I wonder, how have the climates of Escobar, and
Barrayar, and Sergyar, been changed/changing??"

I seem to remember some textev to suggest that on the whole Barrayar
is fairly sparsely populated? If so, there may not be enough people to
cause huge effects on the climate yet, even though they are actively
terraforming in a burn-and-plant way with Earth-descended plants (I
wonder how native Barrayaran plants differ from Earth plants in gas
use). Much of Vorkosigan district, which doesn't seem to be that far
from the capitol, doesn't even have proper electricity yet. Perhaps by
the time they reach a size to start seriously effecting the climate,
they will have acquired enough climate-sensitive Komarrans to avoid
any dangers similar to those we're facing now. Plus, galacticly,
climate knowledge is far in advance of our own.

Another good reason to drive for colonizing space and terraform other
planets? That branch of science would explode.

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