[LMB] Miles Vorkosigan's day off

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 13 18:13:22 BST 2011

JS> Jeff Shultz
JS> My thought is that you don't get as good at riding a horse
JS> as he has without a lot of time and practice.

JRJ> Entwife Judy:
JRJ> But after you get that good, just riding gets boring 
JRJ> (I've been up a road and down a road, so what?).  Miles' 
JRJ> fragile bones (small ones still not replaced) make active
JRJ> horse sports too likely to bung him up and keep him from
JRJ> his career duties, so polo or eventing are out; also,
JRJ> serious horsemanship requires rigid training and performance
JRJ> schedules that would need to be interrupted for Auditorial
JRJ> assignments.

Dressage, I would think.  Likely emphasizing military moves, such as the Lipizzaner horses get today.  There's at least two bits of texev for it:
1. At the end of Barrayar, 5 year old and newly mobile Miles "borrows" Piotr's best dressage prospect.
2. In MM, Fat Ninny responds to a special cue to kneel down.  QuietAnn would know better than I but that looked like an outgrowth of dressage training to me.  

- Harimad
caught up to end July now
but did see the pizza call on atheism & religion

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