[LMB] Pizza call! Re: Effects of "Global Warming"

Mitch Miller mitchmiller at entertainmenttax.com
Tue Sep 13 19:08:45 BST 2011

From: Jeff Shultz <jeffshultz at gmail.com>

>I don't think that was a parting shot - I think it was his relaying the
>insult that resulted in his desire for a pizza call. As an explanation for
>those who might not have seen it, as it were.

But I was having such fun!    See, I was figuring that when the seas begin to rise,  I'd rush down to Malibu
and explain to Pamela Anderson that we had to put up an extra couple of cinder blocks on her sea wall.
Then when we were all hot and sweaty . . . 

Oh, never mind!

Mitch Miller

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