[LMB] OT: Effects of "Global Warming"

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On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 06:03:07AM -0400, mtraber251 wrote:

> Rob pointed out that the farmers he is accustomed to [Central Valley
> near Fresno] drill deep wells and do not depend on rainfall, and
> also subscribe to the canal system. He did not understand why in
> hell the ranchers did not drill and depended on surface water and
> rainfall. He hoped they were up to date on insurance payments

And when the aquifers run out of water...

> >Consider if the Northeast, mostly not built for hurricanes,
> >starts getting annual hurricanes.  Consider the monsoon cycle of India
> >stops, on which most of their agriculture depends.  Or the currents of
> >the north Atlantic shutdown, depriving Europe of its unusually warm
> >climate.  Results range from "regional economies dies" to "hundreds of
> >millions of people die".
> And what to do with the morons who hear that a hurricane is coming
> and either do not evacuate or actually GO to the damned beach to
> watch the hurricane roll in.
> People adapt or die. Simple. I guess that is applied Darwinism [in

Not so much simple as expensive.  Jeff or Mitch asked why 1900 climate
was "ideal"; the point is we're adapted ot it, and if it changes then we
have to change our adaptations, likely at great expense, of money and
effort and possibly of lives.

Expense which has to be weight against the alleged "economy wrecking"
costs of avoiding the climate change in the first place.  Or at least of
slowing it down!

> the parlance of one of the 'Ship Who' novels.] I think people who
> build on flood plains and coastal zones that get hit by hurricanes
> regularly are foolish. YMMV. When I lived in Tidewater I evacuated

There's not that many places on Earth free of one natural disaster or

> Europe or Scandanavia that was dependent on the Gulf Stream, I would
> consider adding greenhouses and fuel gas generation plants that
> ferment sewage into methane to run heating systems and power
> generation plants to produce longer season fruits and vegetables,


> them offlined and replaced with newer and better designed ones. I
> would like to see a move into space, and exploration on Mars and the
> asteroid belt.

Really really horribly expensive...

-xx- Damien X-) 

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