[LMB] Titles

Kevin Kennedy kevink45 at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 13 21:02:46 BST 2011

In one of Emily Kimbrough's* books she's describing the goings-on in London for Queen Elizabeth's coronation. At a dinner party attended by some member of the royal family(aunt? Cousin? whatever) after dinner, a minion of some sort tapped silverware to glass and announced "My lords and ladies, ladies and gentlemen, her Highness will speak." keeping track of titles must be dizzying.
As for how to line 'em up in order, does one start with earned rank and with inherited titles, for starters?  Lt. Lord Vorkosigan, rather than lord Lt Vorkosigan, etc.

*best known, possibly, for co-authoring _Our Hearts Were Young and Gay"
> AW> For the female side we have Ekaterin saying she's "Not
> AW> milady, merely Madame", if that's any help.


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