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At 04:08 PM 9/12/2011, Kevin Kennedy wrote:
>In addition to the scary parts, theres d*mn poor planning in a lot of neighborhoods. The suburb I lived in while in grade school, the nearest grocery/pharmacy/anything was at least a couple of miles away, and most of the way is along a busy street with no sidewalks. And the trend has gotten worse, mostly. Lots of areas, it isn't easy for a kid on a bike to run small errands for Mom or go hang out at the library.

Life seems to have gotten scarier since I was a kid (in the 40s).  I and my friends played outside all the time.  The park was maybe ten blocks away, but we had a rather wide boulevard median, wide front lawns, and right next door was a 5 acre estate (long since broken up into individual building lots, more's the pity) with a grove of trees with a path past a fountain to a log cabin (actually the first building in the town, which had been preserved by the banker who owned the estate), wide lawns, an apple orchard--IOW, what seems now to have been an idyllic rural midwestern life.  My own kids had a park right across the street, but we had to keep an eye on them, anyway (late 60s and early 70s).  There was a pharmacy in the building I now live in, but it closed some time ago, unfortunately  There are sidewalks in this city, at least.

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