[LMB] Cultural Change, starting as Erratum 6th Century shoul have been 16th in a previous post, was Effects of "Global Warming"

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> That was 16th century.  Mea culpa.
> Columbus' crews were disease vectors, bringing among other plagues,
> smallpox.  The Americas residents had no immunity, and when entire
> communities get sick and there is not one healthy to provide care for the
> ill... the death rate as a percentage of the population was appalling.  It
> only takes -one- infected person  to spread a plague from one place to
> another, and vectors of mosquitoes, mice, rats, etc. also be carriers of
> epidemics...
> I forget the name of the Babylon 5 episode which had a pandemic strike,
> wiping out nearly an entire sapient species....
I seem to remember reading that we got syphilis in return....

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