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>> On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 05:25:42PM -0700, Judy R. Johnson wrote:
>>> Has anybody written a fanfic about how ELSE that same set of circumstances
>>> might have been mitigated?  Given the hand that Ezar was dealt, how might a
>>> different person have successfully set Barrayar on a reasonably   
>>> hopeful path
>>> to a sustainable, secure and benign empire that "gets most of the work of
>>> government done most of the time."
>> 1) Kill Serg and hope.
>> 2) Kill Serg and the whole War Party.
> 3) Don't go extra fascist after Yuri's reign in the first place...
> (this goes back to 'dealing your own hand'). He chose his path - it
> wasn't sustainable, secure, and benign. His aim was to give his
> grandson all the power he had, without any evidence of Gregor's adult
> character.

That assumes that he didn't have to institute those measures in the  
first place to deal with Yuri's remaining followers.  Nuts or not, he  
had to have a base of supporters.

And the secret police might not have originally been so powerful.

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