[LMB] OT: verging on forbidden territory: political attitudes about science

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Wed Sep 14 10:57:41 BST 2011

On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 12:40 AM, Paula Lieberman <paal at gis.net> wrote:

> . "Average" is just that, "average."   It doesn;t say anything about
> variance. The average of 15, 15, and 15 is  15.   The average of -15, 0, and
> 60 is -also- 15...   The average of  10, 15, and 20 is 15, and the average
> of -17, 0, and 68 is 17.... what the climate change predictions say, is that
> the temperates on the average worldwide are rising, and they're going to
> look like/look more likle -10, 0, and 68, than 10, 15, and 20... worldwide,
> the average temperates -are- going up, and the weather in places like
> Australia, and Texas, and Vermont, are noticeably more extreme and averaged
> out warmer,   than they have been since recording of parameters of
> temperature etc. began.
For years the weather jackass for WFSB channel 3 Hartford drove me *nuts*.
The damned poofter [I have nothing against gay men, but this guy was a real
butthead. He would burst into song, ring a cowbell screaming 5:55:55 at that
time of the morning whether or not it was his portion of the broadcast. ]
was totally out of control. If it was February, and the forecast was for a
mm of snow, he would be screaming about how dangerous it was going to be,
and if it was 20 instead of 25 how unseasonably cold it was. If it was
August, and 95 degrees instead of 90 degrees he would scream about the
dangerous heat. If it rained, he would scream about how dangerous the roads
would be. He could literally cause major traffic slowdowns by screaming
about how horrible the weather was going to be.

It got to be a relief to be headed back to Mom's in Western NY. Instead of
getting a quarter inch of snow and having all the interstates in Connecticut
slow down by people driving 20 MPH, on the NYS Throughway they would slow
down from 75 to 65 in an inch of snow.

The jackass just never had a sense of averages. If it easn't spot on to the
dead average, it was somehow horribly wrong. A couple years ago in the
winter the Governor apparently threatened the TV station to make him stop
screaming about how dangerous *nothing* was because he was scaring the
population into what is essentially unsafe driving practices. [Honestly,
just because it is hovering just above freezing does not mean the entire
state is going to be covered in black ice...]

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