[LMB] Cultural Change, starting as Erratum 6th Century shoul have been 16th in a previous post, was Effects of "Global Warming"

Stephen T. Wright NCC1701 at uwyo.edu
Wed Sep 14 15:52:06 BST 2011

Paula wrote:

>I forget the name of the Babylon 5 episode which had a pandemic strike, wiping out nearly an entire sapient species....

Confessions and Lamentations.

>Guns were one advantageous Europeans had, another was they they weren't as susceptible to smallpox, and the diseases that they carried, severely weakened and disrupted the native American
>civilizations' abilities to resist European colonization and encroachment.

For an extended discussion of this topic, see Jared Diamond's _Guns,_Germs_&_Steel_.


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