[LMB] Listbiz - US Politics - was Re: OT: Effects of "Global Warming"

Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 14 21:34:27 BST 2011

GH> Greg Hennessy wrote:
GH> I can point out the current leadership in the White House
GH> thinks it is a problem, while the current leadership in
GH> the House does not, but that gets smack into forbidden
GH> USA politics.

B> BOB!! <robtjwms at yahoo.com> wrote:
B> Folks, if you can't say anything about it because it's US
B> politics, then *DON'T*.  And especially don't say it,
B> and then call attention to the fact that you *KNOW* you're
B> breaking the rules while you're doing it.

And if you do, we're going to think you're an idiot and stop reading your posts.

- Harimad

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