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Wed Sep 14 23:56:43 BST 2011

					Markets in everything the countercyclical asset the culture that is Japan
            by Tyler Cowen
            on September 14, 2011            at 12:29 pm		
            in Economics |
…Teramura’s place is neither a love nest nor a pit stop 
for tired travelers. The white and grey tiled building is a corpse 
hotel, its 18 deceased guests tucked up in refrigerated coffins…
The daily rate at Lastel, as it is known, is 12,000 yen ($157). For 
that fee, bereaved families can check in their dead while they wait 
their turn in the queue for one of the city’s overworked crematoriums.
Death is a rare booming market in stagnant Japan and Teramura’s new venture is just one example of how businessmen are trying to tap it.
Here is more.  Unlike with crematoria, in this market entry is not restricted or licensed.



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