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Thu Sep 15 03:30:52 BST 2011

The Tixie and Sunny tiptoe onto the stage, looking back over their  
shoulders like the villains in a bad melodrama.  They have managed to  escape 
Lucky, or so they think.
Both heave huge sighs of relief.
"We are gathered here tonight to wish a Happy 47th Birthday to ...  
"Shhh," says Sunny, "He'll hear you!"
"Elizabeth, we wish for you to have a wonderful birthday, with the food and 
 beverages of your choice, lots of presents, your favorite people to 
celebrate  with, and a lovely cake!   Sunny, shake out some Tixie Dust!"
The last sentence was a mistake.  A small beige cat with blue eyes  shoots  
onto the stage and cannons into Sunny and the bag of Tixie Dust  hard 
enough to coat Sunny with the dust as well as scatter a liberal amount of  it 
over the stage.  The Tixie waves her wand.  Sunny rises about a  foot into the 
air.  Then the dust departs, dumping him onto the  floor.  The small beige 
intruder scoots offstage, with the large gold cat  in pursuit.

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