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> [2] There being no evidence that Vor women keep their natal titles after marriage.  There's also no textev of what happens to Vor women's titles if they marry non-Vor.  What if Alys marries Simon?

In Cryoburn (and, it strikes me, in A Civil Campaign) Miles reminisces
about his paternal grandmother "Princess-and-Countess Olivia Vorbarra

>From the reference in ACC:

"It was a beautiful old saddle, similar to the old-fashioned cavalry
style but more lightly built, for a lady. Its dark leather was
elaborately carved and stamped in leaf, fern and flower patterns. The
green velvet of its padded and stitched seat was worn half-bald, dried
and split, the stuffing peeking out. Maple and olive leaves, carved
and delicately tinted in the leather, surrounded a V flanked by a
smaller B and K all closed in an oval. More embroidery, its colors
surprisingly bright, echoed the botanical pattern in a blanket pad.
"There ought to be a matching bridle, but I haven't found it yet,"
Miles said, his fingers tracing over the initials. "It's one of my
paternal grandmother's saddles. General Piotr's wife,
Princess-and-Countess Olivia Vorbarra Vorkosigan. She obviously used
this one quite a bit. "


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