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>> > 3) Don't go extra fascist after Yuri's reign in the first place...
>> > (this goes back to 'dealing your own hand'). He chose his path - it
>> > wasn't sustainable, secure, and benign. His aim was to give his
>> > grandson all the power he had, without any evidence of Gregor's adult
>> > character.
>> I think we now have reached the "Have at thee, windmill!" stage.
> Only if we take as given that Ezar is fundamentally a selfish autocrat
> who didn't want to give up any power for himself or his grandson.

probably true, mind :p

It's interesting that nobody doubts in the slightest Serg's ability to
change Barrayar's government for the worse, or Aral's for the better
once Ezar's dead, but the idea that Ezar could have done something
about some of this stuff while alive... at the point where he had
10-30 solid years of rule behind him Ezar was in a much better
position than -either- of those two to reshape Barrayar along the
lines he wanted. Presumably he did - they just weren't very nice

> \We don't have to envision instant Beta-ification, just
> some of the reforms that real monarchies do and have done.

And Ezar wasn't inheriting what he had, for the most part... ImpSec
may date from Yuri's day, but it's not like Ezar didn't install his
own people there and in the ministries. And there's not a lot of
cultural inertia Ezar has to deal with at that point either - Yuri had
only a short time after the Cetagandan war to set up anything
resembling a security state, killed a lot of his supporters, died in
absolute disgrace... The security state we see in Shards has to be
mostly Ezar's in origination.

>Later, he
> could have let Aral be Regent as he saw fit for Barrayar, rather than
> extracting an oath to pass full power on to Gregor, unencumbered by
> constitutionalism.
> But he didn't.

Mmm, of course. But Aral's natural inclinations aren't constitutional
anyway, so I'm not sure that changed much.

Anyway. Have some cheerful Russian cosplay Grishnov, people.



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