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Quoting Thomas C Vinson <t.vinson at sbcglobal.net>:

> I've always thought that somewhere along the line Henry VIII earned
> the title "Your Disgrace".  But then, that phrase would be so widely
> applicable that it would quickly lose most of its meaning.

You think too small.  In his case, I'd go with:

"Your Unutterable Vileness,"
"Your Non-Euclidean Foulness,"
"Your Primordial Chaotic Evilness"

or something like that.

However...I have wondered what sort of posthumous rep H8 would have  
had if things had gone differently a time or two.  Like, say, a year  
after Mary's birth Catherine of Aragon dies in a perfectly normal  
riding accident, leaving H8 free to marry again by anybody's lights,  
then or now.  (I don't think even the strictest sects forbid  
widow(er)s to remarry.)  Or H8 _not_ taking that awful head injury at  
that tournament...it was after that that he turned bad.  Since I've  
had firsthand chances to see a head injury's effects, I can tell you  
that they are So Not Good.

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