[LMB] Ezar - - the hand he was dealt

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Fri Sep 16 10:38:25 BST 2011

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Subject: Re: [LMB] Ezar - - the hand he was dealt

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 7:17 PM,  <phoenix at ugcs.caltech.edu> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 03:54:33PM -0700, Tel wrote:
>> >Later, he
>> > could have let Aral be Regent as he saw fit for Barrayar, rather than
>> > extracting an oath to pass full power on to Gregor, unencumbered by
>> > constitutionalism.
>> >
>> Mmm, of course. But Aral's natural inclinations aren't constitutional
>> anyway, so I'm not sure that changed much.
> Natural a la a Betan, maybe not. ?But this is the man who joked about
> making everyone Vor,

yet rolled back Ezar-era restraints on the power of the Counts and
thus ran a more Vorish government than previously.

HTG: How much of this was because Ezar's initial efforts to reduce the power of the counts replaced it with something worse?  I took it as a degree of Triage (purge the quasi-facist thugs first, then work on empowering the proletariat).
> and less jokingly is really into the concept of
> illegal orders. ?Constitutionalism is just "there are illegal orders"
> all the way up. :) ?At least the bill of rights side of constitutions,
> and I don't think you can enforce those without some degree of
> constitutional procedure as well.

His illegal orders thing mostly seems to be a specific fussiness about
rape/violence against women and children rather than concern about the
more procedural issues more commonly seen in bills of rights.

HTG: The rights of subordinates to say 'No', or in general the supremacy of law over leadership, is in many ways the core of said procedural issues.  Without the former the latter is worthless.

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