[LMB] OT: The bodily fluids of a blonde barista

Alexandra Haropulos aharo at erols.com
Sat Sep 17 01:44:04 BST 2011

The most horrible rubber finger prank ever:

One of my colleagues in the tech editing group was married and his wife 
was seriously gravid.  A rubber finger that had (allegedly) turned up in 
a urinal had been rigged many ways (spring-loaded, etc) for the maximum 
disgustingness over the prior two months.

Finally, we rubber-cemented (any editors/illustrators who still remember 
the "snot pot"?) the finger to the earpiece of said upcoming 
father-to-be's phone. Then we told him that his wife had called and it 
sounded urgent.

No one who was there will ever forget the expression on his face when he 
put the phone (and the rubber finger) to his ear.

Where is Homer when you need him?

Alex H
who has noticed that the local grocery clerks have some sort of 
substance that they use on their fingers

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