[LMB] OT: All discussions re religion vs. atheism

Thomas C Vinson t.vinson at sbcglobal.net
Sat Sep 17 18:23:18 BST 2011

Bear Master>
>As I don't believe I've ever met two people who
>meant the same thing when they spoke of "god,"

I think the structure of the topics in _Summa Contra Gentiles_
is kind of cool.*  But in Thomas Aquinas's "proofs" of G-d's
existence I always stumbled over the last clause, "...and
this all men call God."


[*] I once wrote a parody of one for a professor of mine,
explaining why he shouldn't move to another seminary,
but foolishly neglected to keep a copy for myself.
(This was done on a typewriter, back in the days when 
personal computers were programmed by hex keypads.
I now use Emacs** and always have backups.)
[**] Thank you, Richard Stallman.***
[***] Fortunately the list doesn't have a footnote
pixie.  (Y'all will probably appoint one after this post.)

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