[LMB] Ezar - - the hand he was dealt

Greg Hennessy greg.hennessy at cox.net
Sat Sep 17 22:53:38 BST 2011

> I think the answer is that Lois doesn't go into enough detail for us to
> know, but Tel's made a clear case that Aral thought the Counts had been
> excessively restrained somehow.

Well, I disagree he made a "clear" case. We know Aral thought the counts
were eviscerated, but no text says Ezar eviserated them. Perhaps Aral is
complaining they are off playing polo instead of working, sort of like
the young cetagandans ghem do. We know that the "eviscerated" Counts still
had enough veto power to prevent a non Vor from being named Regent, and a
Vor was Prime Minister.

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