[LMB] Ezar - - the hand he was dealt

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> Well, let's look at the quote in full..
>    but it swung too far. The Counts are eviscerated and
>    the Ministries are corrupt. There must be some way
>    to strike a balance."
> Note that impressive logical leap at the end, where Aral determines
> that the -real- problem is that the less Vorish parts of government
> have accumulated too much power at the expense of the poor eviscerated
> hereditary aristocrats? ;)

That's not necessarily a logical leap, really. Aral -- whatever the
realities of his culture -- believes in the whole oaths and honor thing.
The chain of fealty that binds responsibilities both ways. So, naturally,
if there was corruption in the Ministries, the Counts would be the
people who should fix it, right? Except they legally can't...

Also, no matter what Aral thinks he's saying, the heart of it goes
deeper: Checks and Balances. With no one to check the power of
the Ministries, corruption cannot be rooted out. With no one to check
the power of the Counts, corruption cannot be rooted out. With
no one to check the power of the Emperor... Well, they saw that one,
and the Counts eventually did the checking.

So even if one disagrees with Aral's choice of people-to-do-the-
checking-and-balancing, the heart of it is that too much power
concentrated in one place will tend to attract the power-hungry,
who are then able to entrench themselves to the disadvantage of
others, and propagate their nasty little memes. And rooting them
out of their comfy dens tends to be... messy.


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