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> On Sat, Sep 17, 2011 at 08:24:19PM -0400, Greg Hennessy wrote:
>> >The restraints that I'm talking about are the restraints that (for
>> >instance) prevent anyone from voting no at Aral's confirmation.
>> No was was prevented from voting no, five (I think) voted no.
> Didn't Cordelia think they were brave?  While Aral considered that at
> least they were honest, vs. all the ones who didn't like him but were
> voting "yes" anyway?  There's a broader range of subtle forces at play
> than simply "ImpSec will come for you" or whatever.

Nobody actually voted no. There were some abstentions.
The passage in question:

     She hadn't imagined it possible to get seventy-five Barrayarans
to agree on which direction their sun rose in the morning, but the
tally was nearly unanimous in favor of Emperor Ezar's choice. The
exceptions were five set-jawed men who abstained, four loudly, one so
weakly the Lord Guardian of the Speaker's Circle had to ask him to
repeat himself. Even Count Vordarian voted yea, Cordelia
noticed—perhaps Vortala had managed to repair last night's breach in
some early-morning meeting after all. It all seemed a very auspicious
and encouraging start to Vorkosigan's new job, anyway, and she said as
much to Lord Vorpatril.
     "Uh . . . yes, Milady," said Lord Vorpatril after a sideways
smile at her. "Emperor Ezar made it clear he wanted united approval."
     His tone made it clear she was missing cues, again. "Are you
trying to tell me some of those men would rather have voted no?"
     "That would be imprudent of them, at this juncture."


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