[LMB] Ezar - - the hand he was dealt

Daniel R. Reitman dreitman at spiritone.com
Sun Sep 18 02:34:18 BST 2011

Tel <teldreaming at gmail.com> wrote:

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> The restraints that I'm talking about are the restraints that (for
> instance) prevent anyone from voting no at Aral's confirmation. Formal
> dissent is frigging dangerous on Ezar's Barrayar.

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Read that passage again.  Formal dissent is not dangerous.  Anyone who
voted no was tolerated as the open opposition and not a potential

But Barrayar was still not a stable polity, as Vordarian - who voted
yes - proved.

At some point, Tel, you need to address your need to invariably
construe the situation for the worst.  I don't claim that Barrayar is
perfect.  What I do claim is that Barrayar is about as good as it can
get under the conditions that exist.

Dan, ad nauseam

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