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> It'd be interesting to know something more about the Ministers.  There's
> 15 of them, they seem comparable to Auditors in power,

And see the chains on both.

> they get a
> vote equal to Counts which seems odd if they're simply appointees of the
> Emperor, but there's no hint of their being elected.

They look like a somewhat archaic cabinet structure of some sort.
Possibly the successor of the Privy Council Yuri threw out the window.
I'll add they seem to have -extremely- long tenures in office.

> I'd guess
> appointed by the Emperor to run the government for him, but approved by
> the Counts, or by the Counts-and-other-Ministers, and perhaps hard to
> casually remove, though the Prime Minister at least would have to be
> closely responsible to the Emperor for the system to make much sense.

The Barrayaran government in general seems pretty close to static in
composition. Post-Aral, Gregor, seems willing to defer to whatever
candidate for PM they collectively come up with... but it is worth
noting that we have not seen him handle a party transfer of power.


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