[LMB] 2014 Nasfic

Meg Justus mmegaera at nwlink.com
Sun Sep 18 21:56:33 BST 2011

> The humidity should be low, though the temps may be high. I can't
> speak to what the humidity is like in Tahoe, but I spent a summer in
> southwestern Utah, once many moons ago, and though it was hotter
> than heck out in the desert in the daytime, the nights were all cool,
> and the humidity was low. So, while the temps were definitely high,
> one didn't get the awful stickiness we get here in (e.g.) New England.

The humidity in Reno was in the single digits.  I've never felt more dried 
out in my life.

The smoke from the range fire a few miles south of town did not help this.

Megaera from the Pacific Northwest
who thinks the whole "it's a dry heat" thing is a canard -- anything over 
about 78F is hot no matter what the humidity is 

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