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Mon Sep 19 12:41:01 BST 2011

I have just missed a conversion....

My dad self-identifies as a welder (which used to drive me up the wall when I was a status-conscious adolescent and attending a private high school where most of the other students were the daughters of doctors and lawyers, and he was actually working as an engineer).  He's worked in a metalshop for most of his life and took early retirement when he realised he was just too old for the shop floor.  I've tried introducing him to the Vorkosigan books before, and they didn't take (he doesn't like Miles - due to personal history the physical handicaps combined with the hyperactivity combined with Miles' cavalier attitude to truth vs. honesty results in a violent allergy to the character), so I thought I'd try again, with 'Falling Free' - Leon would be the perfect Bujold character for him, right?

When I asked him how he liked it, I was told, "There's not enough welding, and all the techniques are current, not futuristic" - and then he explained how explosives had been used in industrial welding since the 1920s, and times when ice dies are the best things to use, and.... (I tuned him out, I admit it).  He liked the characters and story well enough, he admitted, but there should have been a lot more advances in metalworking, and yeah, the metalworking *was* right, but there should have been more, and it should have been more advanced...

I have to laugh.  He's determined not to like any of these books!


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