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> And despite how many people laugh at people who claim dry heat is better - it is a *lot* better.
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After some years in climates where heat and humidity go together, I
agree... Reno was *lovely* even at 90 degrees; I walked back and forth
between the Peppermill hotel and the convention center 2 to 4 times
per day.  The only time it bothered me was when I'd had a big can of
Strongbow hard cider just before heading out... oops.  FWIW, I am not
some skinny athletic type, either.

As for living in climates like this, a dwelling that is properly
constructed for a hot, dry climate will be able to be opened up at
night, when it's cool, and shut in the morning.  If really
well-designed, A/C might not even be needed.  My husband and I even do
this in MA all summer, and usually if we turn on the A/C in the
daytime, it's because of the humidity rather than the heat.  I think
we left the A.C running overnight about 5 times this summer.

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