[LMB] AKICOT:L getting files off an old computer

Stephen T. Wright NCC1701 at uwyo.edu
Mon Sep 19 16:46:52 BST 2011

>> Find an external IDE HD Enclosure, and connect it up.
>> Connect the new external HD to your newer computer... and it's done.

>There are USB enclosures too, which are slower, but which work with any new computer.

A bit late here, and external HD enclosures are the way to go if you can get them to work--amazingly useful devices--but in case your old drive is not IDE (SCSI or something else rare these days) and your 486 doesn't have USB (not common until '97) and nothing else works...a null-modem cable between your old system and new (if the new has the port!) might be a final go-between if nothing else works.  (Null-modem will be slow, but better than nothing else).

Good luck,


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