[LMB] Governments

William A Wenrich wawenri at msn.com
Mon Sep 19 18:11:09 BST 2011

There have been history with various subtle and not at all subtle
differences. Feudalism is a very common form of government but it is not the
same anywhere. The Feudalism of the Holy Roman Empire is not very similar to
the Feudalism of England or Russia let alone Japan. There are many different
flavors of democracy and monarchy, sometimes mixed. There are also types of
governments that we have not encountered in Real Life (RL), but only in
fiction. I'm thinking here of the corporate Feudalism in Oath of Fealty or
the government of the Culture.

The Barrayan Emperor, Counts, and Ministries form doesn't seem to work very
well, but it is in transition. The voting with your feet provisions are
already having consequences. Didn't Cordelia call it, "imagining a
government into existence"?

I favor the current style of democracy coded in the United States
Constitution. I have taken an oath to preserve protect and defend that
constitution. Like Barrayans I take my oaths seriously. That does not mean
that I consider that the US style of democracy or any democracy the best
possible government in all times, places, and circumstances. YGMV.

Some things have been tried and proven unworkable. Anarchy is very unstable.


William A Wenrich

Christian, husband, father, grandfather, son, American. Here I stand. I can
do no other. God Help me!


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