[LMB] Child of the library

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Mon Sep 19 19:00:21 BST 2011

I meant the actual creeps,  who might be wearing nice suits. I tend to be rather untidily dressed myself to the point that at the bus stop downtown, the Christmas before last, somebody from a group of good Samaritans distributing small goodie bags to the homeless, tried to give me one. The reason one can''t make the creeps use the quiet room IS because they can't be spotted just by appearance. Once they actually DO something,  more drastic action is called for than sending them to the other room. When I'm up that way and have time, that room is a nice spot to read.

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> On Sep 19, 2011, at 10:25 AM, Rachel wrote:
> > Kevin writes: "And an adult quiet room in one corner, Squishy chairs,
> > a few tables,  a gas fireplace(turned off) bevelled glass windows, all
> > very nice.Too bad there's really no way to _make_ the creepy guys sit
> > in there, where they can't even see the kids."
> > 
> > Policing behaviour is one thing, policing thoughts is another. If said
> > creepy guy is at a reasonable distance and not interacting with the
> > children, I wouldn't really be concerned.
> There are a lot of creepy-looking people who are no danger at all to kids.    
> And there are "normal" appearing people who are.
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