[LMB] why we still need paper books

Agnes Charrel-Berthillier agnes at charrel.net
Mon Sep 19 19:02:48 BST 2011

I have tons of thoughts about this and little time, so replying to one 
single point for now:

On 9/19/11 9:00 AM, Carol Cooper wrote:
> Firstly, there's the purely practical level.  [...] would you
> seriously leave your two-year-old in possession of your iPad or
> Kindle?

I live in the Silicon Valley. The answer is yes. Or rather, YES!

Speaking of digital divides, there are plenty early adopters here whose 
(very) young kids have -1 generation iPods and iPads of their own.

They also make really good protective cases ;). Good enough for me, good 
enough for autistic and other speech-disabled kids who use them as 
augmentative communication devices, and good enough for toddlers past 
the drool/chew stage.


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