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Harimad harimad2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 19 20:00:54 BST 2011

I can't follow the attributions any more.  Thomas Vinson, Eric Oppen and Richard Macdonald contributed the following title ideas:

TV may have written:I've always thought that somewhere along the line Henry VIII earned the title "Your Disgrace".  But then, that phrase would be so widely applicable that it would quickly lose most of its meaning.

EO may have written:
You think too small.  In his case, I'd go with:
"Your Unutterable Vileness,"
"Your Non-Euclidean Foulness,"
"Your Primordial Chaotic Evilness"
or something like that.

RM may have written:
"Your Statistically Meaninglessness"
"Your Statistically Insignificantlessness"

One of the proposed titles for US Vice President (at the Constitutional Convention of 1787) was His Superfluousness.

- Harimad

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