[LMB] OT: Molester Panic (Was: Child of the Library)

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Quoting Howard Brazee <howard at brazee.net>:

HTG: True. ?All so very true.

One thing I really, _really,_ _REALLY_ wish would _die down_ is the? 
endless, ongoing hysteria about 98%-imaginary child molesters,? 
abductors and suchlike.? Ever since the media found they could sell? 
papers by scaring parents senseless, they've been beating the drum? 
about this.

During the witch-hunt against day-care centers, they were solemnly? 
accepting testimony that would have been laughed out of court during? 
the Salem witch trials...and innocent people went to prison for decades.

HTG: Child molestation is both real and damaging, but the panic we see because of it is no less so. ?There are jurisdictions where an illustrated adaptation of The Sharing Knife could quite possibly get someone prosecuted....

Last figure I saw, 90% or more of all child abductions were by non-custodial parents.  That being said, for actual child molesters, execution is too good for them.  I favor breaking every bone in their bodies, castrating them, then staking them out in the desert with their eyelids cut open and honey poured on their wounds. (Multicultural, aren't I?)   Nothing too painful, though.  
Right next to them should be useful idiots like the ones who missed things like a girl in California being held prisoner for 18 years in a tent in the back yard, repeatedly beaten and raped, who had two children by her captor, who was on parole and regularly visited by parole officers!

Mitch Miller

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