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I don't think that that's true, MIT has a fission  reactor, and I think 
undergraduates have the opportunity to be involved.  I know that students 
worked on fusion reactors there... somewhere there is a picture of me inside 
half of Versator from long ago...

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Then, of course, there are liberal arts colleges that have unusually strong 
math/science programs. Reed College, for example, is the _only_ place in the 
country that undergraduates can run a nuclear reactor!
Finally, the real measure of our success is our ability to send students to 
good graduate schools. The typical experience for our students is that they 
find that they are missing in breadth compared to their fellows from 
universities (of course) but that the material that they have studied is 
mastered at a level that is very unusual in those coming from university 
backgrounds. Moreover, their research training, and particularly their 
ability to work independently, is markedly stronger than most of their 
fellow grad. students coming from universities.

Hope this helps!

Katherine (and Brian)
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