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I think a lot of people who tout e-books as making paper books non-essential or luxury items forget, or are unaware of, the growing number of people for whom even access to electricity and plumbed water is just a dream. In the US, many areas of many reservations are too remote for electricity, any form of telephone, and plumbed clean water for household use may also be unavailable.  Heck, there are areas in the Santa Cruz mountains who can neither get cable nor satellite TV due to accessibility issues, many are on wells or with tiny water companies, and sometimes even getting electricity during/after storms is difficult, and these are folks that I know. After the 1989 Loma Prieta eq, many mountain dwellers were without electricity for over a year, and access to wells made Interesting.

Some software engineers have no grasp on the reality of the folks who clean the offices in which they work, or those who can barely keep body & soul together, as the saying goes. Many of them have never been poor, nor have they interacted much, if at all, with folk that are poor, during any time of their lives.

Not that I am picking on software engineers, because there are other people behind ebooks and internet access who seem to have the same blind spots, or worse, completely write off any non-potential-customers as not worth comment.

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