[LMB] More attitudes to women in society

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On Tue, Sep 20, 2011 at 5:46 AM, A. Marina Fournier
>> Also, I know far more men who look great in pink than women.
> MY husband does, that's for sure--somehow he can wear pastels. I can't.
> When Arthur was an androgynous baby, people would think that the central color of a pacifier had some significance. We just couldn't find that great a selection of colors for them, and thus he sometimes sported a pink one. He and I look better in deep rose than in pastel pink. I think the four of us in the house would all look good in lavender, as long as it was a saturated lavender.

Many blond men look great in a pale lavender dress shirt  (one of my
long-ago bosses made my heart go pitter-pat whenever he wore his
lavender shirt...)  My husband, who has silver-black hair, more silver
than black these days, also looks good in a different sort of
lavender, more grayish and saturated.


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